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PROJECT PRINCESS INITIATIVE (PPI) Abambejja is a Christian based non-profit organization founded in 2009 by Mrs. Fiona Kiggundu and it supports, Educates and Empowers vulnerable girl children. PPI is mandated to make every girl feel she is a princess with self-esteem and to also help educate, support and empower girls become leaders for the next generation.
WHY GIRLS? Girls in Africa were always considered good for marriage and an education would not automatically be a right but a privilege. In this 21st century, we consider empowering girls as our mandate and we as an organization are doing our part on this important millennium Goal considering that the longer girls stay in school, the better the life at the grass root level with a motto EMPOWER A GIRL, EMPOWER A NATION. We pledge to do our part through all means available to us.
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Face of the year

Bridget is the youngest of 6 siblings. Her mother is a single parent as her father died when she was only six years. The mother works odd jobs and life has from the very start been very difficult. They have grown moving place to place as her mother is always moving to where she can find what to do to support her family. Bridget being the last born, she suffered a lot in terms of changing school.
When Bridget was in primary six, life was very hard. Her mother was out of job and Bridget was on the verge of dropping out of school when she shared her story to a friend of hers who already was a PPI member. The friend told her about PPI and that’s when she approached the center offices. Our staff welcomed her and with time, PPI got Bridget a sponsor. She worked very hard and passed her primary leaving exams quite highly.
The special thing about Bridget is that she is very determined. She worked hard from form 1 to form 6 and impressed her sponsor so much. However, the sponsor was not able to commit to pay university fees but determined Bridget didn’t let that reason deter her from joining Makerere University. She went to her village and planted green paper and not only paid her tuition but the proceeds started to sell it in markets to raise tuition. Not only was she able to pay her tuition but she accumulated enough capital to start a small clothing store.
Bridget is passionate about beauty and fashion, so to her small clothes stored she has added wigs and body scrub, lotion and soap which she sells to other students. As a finalist at University, PPI is very proud of her and her determination to get ahead. She is a great example to other girls at the center. Although she is majoring industrial psychology at University, she is pursuing a career in the modeling industry and we know without a doubt that she is capable of making it.
Well done Bridget

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