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Inspire and tour Uganda is a teacher/ cultural exchange program for all educators ranging from elementary to university level worldwide. ITU’s primary goal is to provide unique services to all participating educators to them and their sending institutions, seeing that teachers worldwide are often underpaid.

Through ITU, the under privileged rural and urban children of the world such as those in Uganda get to sit under the tutorage of the world’s best educators from all over the world at NO cost to them. Thanks to the generous educators that are passionate about travel and teaching! The 10 days package will cost an ITU participant only $ 1500.00.

ITU’s mission is to defy the existent global academic imbalance by availing first class education to the world’s most marginalized students by infusing the developing world with the already developed world teachers at all levels.

As an educator abroad you may ask, how do I get started? Simply send an email of interest to participate to the ITU office at this address projectprincessinitiative@gmail.com once your notice has been received, an ITU representative will email you back and accordingly send you timely and appropriate information for you to utilize in getting ready for the journey.

You will be sent current information on any relevant but still reasonable costs for travel advisories and other relevant information to speed up the process for your participation. Your part is to inform the ITU office the time of the year you desire to travel, and how long you intend to stay. ITU encourages all participants to feel free to invite friends and family to join them. ITU will always take any travelling companion into account when customizing your visit.

Inspire and Tour Uganda(ITU) Programs




ITU will make sure that any participating educator, is attached to their partner institution where they can access students, faculty and other relevant staff to afford the best teaching opportunity as a volunteer. Our staff makes sure that they create a pleasant experience for our world educators and whenever possible create an environment for possible academic collaborations.



Safaris are a MUST participate for most educators who travel to Uganda. Uganda has the most exquisite safari experience you can claim. ITU has positioned itself as the only organization that caters to Teachers/ Educators needs when it comes to offering real memorable safaris. ITU in partnership with adventure Expedition will customize a safari of lifetime for you. Our Partners at Adventure Expedition for every Safari, donate 10% of their income to Project Princess Initiative, an organization that supports, educates and empowers the Girl child to stay in school.



ITU makes it comfortable as well as affordable for your stay at our Guest house. You will be offered continental meals as well as traditional ones in order to bring in the cultural aspects to your experience in Uganda. The ITU staff at the Guest house are professional and friendly as well.



Transportation will be provided to and from the airport as well as to all the partner institutions that any educator will be attached to for their teaching experience.