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Girl Child Empowerment

Girl Child Empowerment is one of our Core Programs


Skills development

Girls are supported through acquiring decision making skills in order to be able to make key decisions regarding their lives and education. Life skills such as crocheting, culinary, hair dressing are trained for those Girls hosted at the center and this gives them confidence to a successful future more so creating awareness to Girls with business minds and inspire them develop the spirit of entrepreneurship .



Girl child education support is the core of project princess initiative’s operations and offers entry point to all our princesses. At PPI we believe the widest door out of perpetual poverty for vulnerable girls on our program is through education. We partner with seven schools, three primary and four secondary schools where most needy students are identified and our organization finds them sponsors to keep them in school. Our belief is that, once a girl attains education and the relevant life skills, their future is brighter. The education support usually includes school fees, uniform scholastic materials and sanitary towels.


Girl’s troupe

PPI as an organization prides itself in empowering girls through finding their gifts and talents. During the talent search, workshops carried out at the center and many girls found out that they would for example model, dance, sing and play various musical instruments. As a result of this, Project Princess Initiative formed a girls’ troupe that is able to entertain people at various functions as well as at PPI events.