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Daisy Namutebi

My names are Daisy Namutebi, 13 years ago I lived in a small village called Kaseesa. I lived with my grandmother and everyday, I walked 3 kilometers to school barefooted. At some point, the old lady could not afford to pay school fees for me, her beloved grand daughter anymore due to poverty. What is interesting, is the amount of money she could not afford. My school fees at the time, was equivalent to $2.00 a term (3 months) but she could not afford it. That is the kind of poverty I was raised around...it is jarring. When PPI visited my school, my teacher informed PPI staff about my situation. A home visit was later conducted and PPI made a decision to find me a sponsor. My sponsors are Michelle and Gerry Sanders from Florida USA. When I met them, my future looked bright immediately because they provided everything i needed in school. I determined to work hard because God had been so good to me. I am now a certified cosmetologist as well as a finalist student doing Business Administration at Makerere Business Institute. And I am still headed for greater heights. 1 Sam 7:12 " Thus far the Lord has brought us"