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Asianut Blessing

My name is Asianut blessing aged 19 years. I was at Kalinabiri primary school in my primary four when a team from project princess visited our school to speak to girls. My parents were struggling to make us stay in school due to financial crisis and project princess promised to help the vulnerable girls finish school. I wrote a story about my family background and a team visited my home to verify my statements, luckily enough, I was able to get a sponsor that happened to be a PPI board member who paid my fees up to primary seven. I performed extremely well that I won a scholarship from Namagunga girl’s school, during my stay at Namagunga, I went miles to score best grades that I retained my scholarship and my dream is to become cardiologist. I take this opportunity to thank Madam Fiona and my sponsor for having motherly hearts to keep girls in school. It’s their efforts that have lightened my future.